Attached vs. Detached Garage – Which one to choose?

You’ve decided to build a new garage for your car. The first question is which type of garage do you want to be attached vs detached garage? There are different variables that will affect your decision. Remember, a garage is not just a storage space for your vehicle. You will also keep your tools there, and even if you have certain hobbies such as woodwork or fixing bikes, you might spend a lot of time there too.

It’s definitely worth considering the design and location of the garage. Here is what you should consider when making an informed decision as compiled by our garage builder expert in Calgary.

Attached Garages

Attached garages offer the ultimate convenience when storing vehicles. They can also give your home an attractive look and increase its curb appeal and resale values. Let’s take a closer look at these advantages and disadvantages for attached garages.

Advantages of Attached Garages

  • You can go straight to your house. It’s a major advantage because you won’t have to cross outside during rainy, snowy, or freezing cold weather.
  • A detached garage can make your home look smaller when seen from the street, but an attached garage can make your house seem bigger. It’s especially important to consider this when trying to sell your home. You want to have the highest asking price.
  • You can easily transform your garage into a relaxing space, playroom or workspace. It could add to your living space.
  • Attached garages might cost less to build because one wall has already been constructed.

Disadvantages of Attached Garages

Security and zoning issues are the main drawbacks of attached garaging. Obtaining the necessary permits to build an attached carport can be difficult and expensive given that there is an existing structure (your home) already there. If you don’t lock the door to your attached garage, a burglar could easily break into your home through your attached garage.

Detached Garages

Attached garages are becoming less popular as more people are tired of the standard look that houses that come with them bring. A detached garage provides a more modern look by allowing your house to stand out and shine. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to having one.

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Advantages of Detached Garages

It may seem less convenient to use a detached garage because you have to go out to get into your house. There are some important advantages to consider too.

  • With a detached garage, you won’t have to worry about fumes coming into your house, and you won’t have to be concerned about storing gasoline, oil, and other flammables near your living space.
  • If it’s not attached to your house, you can create extra workspace by adding on to your garage. If you want to expand your living space, a detached garage is probably a better choice than an attached garage. The attached garages don’t have as much room to expand.
  • A detached garage is a good idea for security reasons. Burglars often break into houses through garages because they’re easier to get into. With a detached garage (or even if you don’t), this isn’t an issue.

Disadvantages of Detached Garages

One of the drawbacks of a detached garage is that you may have to trudge through nasty weather in order to reach your vehicle or workstation. Bringing groceries or other items back into your house after a shopping expedition can be a bit more of an inconvenience than having an attached garage.

Final Thoughts – Attached vs. Detached Garage

Both attached and detached garages offer their own unique benefits, but they’re both good options for protecting your vehicle and providing extra space or storage. If you’re not sure which type of garage project to choose or ready for the first step toward getting the garage you’ve been dreaming of, contact us today for your free no-obligation consultation! If you have any questions, we’re happy to help.

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