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Thinking about Updating your garage in Calgary? 4 signs need repairs

Is your garage scheduled for an upgrade? In Sahi Garage Builder, we have built a custom garage for more than 5 years. At that time, we have developed an in-depth understanding of what functional garages, functional looks and more importantly, the number of values ​​that can be added to your home. To help you determine better whether it’s time to start building your new garage plan, below, we discuss some of the most common signs that the garage requires total repair.

Structural Deterioration

Structural setbacks are a problem every garage owner must supervise. Not only is the structural problem with your garage reducing the value of your home, but they can also place your safety and things at risk. So, how do you know if your garage quietly deteriorates? Look for the following signs:

● Cracked on a concrete slab

● Delamine slabs, which can be shown by dull voices when you attack the concrete

● Spalling concrete

● Roof leaks and water damage

● Rotting Wood.

● Windows and doors attached

● Leaning floor

It is important to note that the list above is far from comprehensive. If you are worried that your garage might have structural problems, it’s important to consult with a garage builder that has a good reputation that can overcome these problems as soon as possible.

Lack of parking lots


Whether you lack a parking lot because your garage serves as a storage area or your old structure is too small for your vehicle, it’s time to consider a new garage. Lots of parking allows you to better protect your vehicle better and add to the overall value of your home. If you decide to sell your home in the future, you will be able to order a higher price as a result of your investment in a custom garage.

Inadequate storage space


Do you know almost a quarter of the owner of a two-car garage doesn’t really park in their garage? Or that almost a third of them can only park one vehicle in the room because of the extraordinary chaos? If your existing garage doesn’t have enough space to store your additional items and your vehicle, it’s time to consider repairs.

In Sahi, our special garage plan can give you a spacious room for whatever you need to save, and if necessary, your plan can also include an attic storage room. We work with you to determine your storage needs and how your new garage can meet them, so you have adequate space to keep your belongings well-protected.

Bad garage security


If you have an older garage, security can be a problem, especially if the structural component starts to deteriorate. Because most homeowners tend to store expensive equipment and equipment in the garage, protecting the items must be a major concern. If you are worried that your garage is not as safe, it’s time to connect with a garage builder to discuss your options to keep space.

Sahi Contracting Garage: Trusted Calgary Garage Builder


If you are thinking of replacing your garage with a new special garage that is better to meet your safety and functionality needs, contact our team in the Sahi Contracting Garage Builder today. For more than 5 years, we are proud to present the needs of the homeowner of Calgary and we are ready to bring your vision to life too. To start, don’t hesitate to request your free estimation or give us a call today at 403-426-4000.

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